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Spring is Here...and So Is Allergy Season!

In addition to the usual sniffles and itches, allergies can also be responsible for headaches, fatigue, and other cold-like symptoms. We know you love being out in your gardens this time of year, so here are a few of Pat’s favorite remedies to keep that golden plant dust a friend and not a foe:
*As always, check with your doctor before trying any new herb or plant if you have severe allergies or are on any medications.
1. Use a neti pot daily! 

Creating a Terrarium for Orchids

Bring the beauty of orchids inside by using terrariums! They are a fun, easy way to incorporate nature into your home. While orchids have become “more windowsill friendly,” they do grow in 100% humidity with a lush moisture that is found in the tropics, not in the average home. Terrariums provide the needed moisture and recreate the colorful flower’s environment, helping the plant thrive.  


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