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Preparing for Summer

I love this time of year; the garden is growing and the sun is bright and warm. There is tremendous activity all around as the birds sing and their fledglings take flight, preparing for a lifetime of gliding through the sky. This is also a time of preparation in the garden for managing the summer heat, while keeping the garden flourishing and bountiful.

Spring is Here...and So Is Allergy Season!

In addition to the usual sniffles and itches, allergies can also be responsible for headaches, fatigue, and other cold-like symptoms. We know you love being out in your gardens this time of year, so here are a few of Pat’s favorite remedies to keep that golden plant dust a friend and not a foe:
*As always, check with your doctor before trying any new herb or plant if you have severe allergies or are on any medications.
1. Use a neti pot daily! 

Extension Offices

  • Albemarle/Charlottesville: 434.872.4580
  • Chesterfield: 804.751.4401
  • Fluvanna: 434.591.1950
  • Goochland: 804.556.5841
  • Hanover: 804.752.4310
  • Henrico: 804.501.5160
  • Louisa: 540.967.3422
  • Powhatan: 804.598.5640
  • Richmond City: 804.786.4150