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January Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the Virginia Currents January Photo Contest Winners!

Contest Theme: Time Capsule

To celebrate Virginia Currents 25 years of storytelling, the Community Idea Stations is holding a photo contest from October to April so viewers can share their story! Here are the winners of the January Photo Contest. Keep reading to see how you can enter the February contest for a chance to have your photo featured on WCVE PBS and WHTJ PBS. Grand prize winners will receive a GoPro camera.

Carolyn FitzPatrick won the "Popular Vote" with 860 votes.

"Over the years my mom has taken us (her kids) to Carters Mountain to pick apples. Now, her grandkids are taking their grandma to Carters Mountain to watch them pick apples. This was in the fall of 2015. Enjoy the Great Outdoors of Virginia!"


Omi Narang won the "Artist's Pick." 

The featured artist, Brian Beard, chose this photo becuase, "the artist identifies (correctly, in my opinion) the caverns as a real time capsule - it's literally a place centuries old, encapsulated underground. Additionally, creating a high-quality photo in an environment as dark as a cave is difficult to do, and the artist did it well here."

"Luray Caverns- Nature’s Live Time Capsule Discovered in 1878 and more than 4,000,000 centuries old. The formations in Luray Caverns continue to grow at the rate of one cubic inch every 120 years. Awe- inspiring Mother Nature."


February's theme is 'It Takes a Village' with Sydney Vic, a student from Art 180, as the featured artist. Here is a sample of her work reflecting this month's theme.

"Every community is connected in ways that are unseen. Mushrooms are a great example of how even in nature plant communities are linked. On the surface they function as individuals but underneath lies a whole network of roots and communication. Much like troops of mushrooms we are connected. We are our own people and do our own things, but in order to allow our community to flourish, we must come together. And when we do, we accomplish beautiful things."

Submit your photo for the February Virginia Currents Photo Contest for a chance to have your photo featured on WCVE PBS and WHTJ PBS.

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