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Featured Artists in the Virginia Currents Photo Contest

In honor of Virginia Currents 25th Anniversary, the Community Idea Stations is hosting a photo contest from October to April, encouraging community members to share their own “Virginia Stories.” Each month a “Featured Artist” will announce a theme and share an example photo and short story.

Community members are invited to submit photos and stories related to the theme for a chance to have their photos featured on WCVE PBS and WHTJ PBS. Two winning photos are chosen each month (1) a photo with the most number of votes and (2) a photo chosen by the monthly “Featured Artist.” The two grand prize winners are chosen in April out of the pool of monthly winners and will receive a GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition.



Daphne Maxwell Reid, Host of Virginia Currents

Daphne Maxwell Reid is the host of Virginia Currents. Throughout her years of travel, she has captured images of portals, doors, gates and architectural details, some of which have sparked a strong emotional response, “they awakened the sense of wonder and curiosity that took me back to my childhood when I was endlessly exploring what was behind the many doors that surrounded me.” Website

Sasha Waters Freyer, Faculty Chair of the VCU Photography and Film Department

Sasha Waters Freyer is the faculty chair of the VCU Photography and Film Department. Waters Freyer is a moving image artist trained in photography and film whose work occupies the intersection of intimate experience and public discourse. Her features and experimental short films have screened on the Sundance Channel and national PBS, the Tribeca, Woodstock, Big Sky, and Ann Arbor Film Festivals, the National Museum for Women in the Arts, among other venues. Website

Alex Nyerges , Director of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Alex Nyerges is Director of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Prior to his appointment there in 2006, he has 25 years of experience as an art museum director at the Dayton Art Institute, the Mississippi Museum of Art, and the DeLand Museum of Art in DeLand, Florida. He is also an internationally-award-winning photographer, curator, author,and photo historian who has exhibited across the United States and Europe.

Seeking out the elements of beauty that surround us, so often unseen and neglected in the built and natural worlds,his work uses sunlight and its shadows to create works that are both modern and timeless. Website

Brian Beard, Local Instagram Photographer

Brian has been a Richmond resident since 2009, and finds it to be one of the world's coolest cities. He has no photography training, and in fact, he doesn't even own a proper camera, but firmly believes that the photographer is more important than the equipment. Brian wants to prove that for most occasions, your smartphone is the only camera you need, and he lives by this motto when exploring within Richmond and around the world. Website

Sydney Vick, ART 180 Youth Artist

Sydney Vick is a youth artist involved with ART 180's Teen Leadership Council. She is a senior at Richmond Community High School and aspires to make a difference in her community, whether it be through photography or any other medium of self expression.

Sydney loves to write poetry and other literature, as well as read it. Though her love for writing helps her to move forward in life, her main goal is to become a teacher. Her passion for helping people is what motivates her to want to make an impact on her community and take up teaching as a career. Following this year, Sydney hopes to attend NYU to get a degree in education and writing. Website

Harold Lanna, President of the Camera Club of Richmond

Harold Lanna is the current president of the Camera Club of Richmond, which has about 140 active members and was established in 1932. Lanna settled in Richmond in 1982 and has been into photography since his dad gave him his first camera, a Kodak Brownie.

Underwater and wildlife is what Lanna loves to photograph the most, as well as landscape and people photography. Lanna’s done underwater photography in many great places including the Galapagos, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Philippines, the Mediterranean, and all over the Caribbean. Website