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December Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the Virginia Currents December Photo Contest Winners!

Contest Theme: The Artist Within

To celebrate Virginia Currents 25 years of storytelling, the Community Idea Stations is holding a photo contest from October to April so viewers can share their story! Here are the winners of the December Photo Contest. Keep reading to see how you can enter the January contest for a chance to have your photo featured on WCVE-PBS and WHTJ-PBS. Grand prize winners will receive a GoPro camera.

Robby Batte won the "Popular Vote" with 263 votes.

""When I give room for the artist within to speak, I am reminded that I need to be aware, mindful, patient and persistent. Awareness lets me see what is before me, and patience allows a scene to reveal itself. Oct. at Three Lakes Park in Henrico."


Erin J. won the "Artist's Pick."

The featured artist, Alex Nyerges, director of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts chose this photo because, "The composition was very strong: the dynamic vertical elements of the angel were complemented by the tree and the obelisk in the background; the drama of the stark shadows, strong contrast and deep, penetrating blacks helped to strengthen its overall power. A masterful photograph.

I was walking through Hollywood Cemetery when I notice and angel statue with broken wings. The light was just so perfect that I had to capture it. It was a powerful sight - even though she was broken, she still stood tall, watching over the grounds.


January's theme is 'Time Capsule' with Brian Beard, a local Instagram artist who uses only his phone to capture beautiful photos. Here is a sample of his work reflecting this month's theme.

"The ruins of the 150-year-old Richmond & Petersburg Railroad Bridge live on, making up part of Richmond's skyline today.

There are many things that make Richmond such a remarkable city, and one of them is the old and scarred standing next to the new and pristine. From this spot along the James' south bank, you can not only imagine the passage of time, but see it. So on a rare snowy day, I grabbed my phone and headed out to capture a unique perspective of a unique place."

Submit your photo for the January Virginia Currents Photo Contest for a chance to have your photo featured on WCVE-PBS and WHTJ-PBS.

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