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This Week in Richmond

This Week in Richmond gives Virginians an in-depth look at important developments and decisions coming out of the capitol. From budget cuts to regulatory affairs, the program spotlights the latest happenings at the General Assembly. It provides timely insights and behind-the-headlines analysis of the most recent news about taxes, education and other matters that are critical to people in the Commonwealth.

State capitol veteran, David Bailey, is the producer and host of the show. Bailey captures first-hand perspectives of state legislators and other voices from the Capitol. He also presents viewers with unique analysis and thoughtful perspective on important issues of statewide interest.

Major support for This Week In Richmond provided by Dignity Memorial, Virginia Education Association, Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association, and Virginia Tourism Corporation.

This Week In Richmond: Betsy Brinson, Sen. Adam Ebbin, Del. Betsy Carr

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 2:54pm -- WCVE

On this episode of This Week in Richmond host David Bailey is joined by historian Betsy Brinson, Sen. Adam Ebbin (D), 30th Senate District, Alexandria, and Del. Betsy Carr (D), 69th House District, Richmond City, to talk about a very special upcoming centennial, the 100th Year of the Women’s Right to Vote.

This Week In Richmond: Sen. Jennifer McClellan; Steve Combs; Clay Mountcastle

Mon, 09/10/2018 - 11:25am -- WCVE

On this episode of This Week in Richmond host David Bailey is joined by 3 special guests, each representing a history-related commission or committee in the General Assembly, (D) Sen. Jennifer McClellan (9th District, Henrico), Steve Combs, DVS Deputy Commissioner, and Clay Mountcastle, Virginia War Memorial Director.


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