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Sweethearts ❤︎ 88.9 WCVE FM!

Long time listeners Judith and Ike Koziol met as teenagers on a summer day in Coney Island, New York.

While at the beach “this boy asked me if I wanted to go to a picnic next week and I said sure but I knew my mother wouldn’t let me go. That night I got a phone call and my sister said, ‘It’s for you, it’s a boy!’ and it was Ike,” described Judith. Ike laughed, “she didn’t even remember who I was.”

Judith continued, “I was 14 and he was almost 16 and all the rest is history. We got married when I was 21 and we’ve been together ever since.”

Married now for 48 years, the couple began their world travels in the 70’s when Ike was stationed with the U.S. Air Force in England. They first began traveling all around Europe, visiting German castles and seeing grand English estates similar to Highclere Castle featured on Downton Abbey. They later traveled to Tanzania, hiked in northern Israel, swam in the Dead Sea, and tangoed in Argentina. From listening to the international news coverage on NPR, “we have greater insight into the countries we have been to,” said Judith.

Their adventures may take them to different places around the globe, but one thing is certain: Judith and Ike always listen to WCVE by streaming the station through the NPR news app. “I’m a news freak,” said Ike, “I’ve been known to fall asleep with an earbud in while listening to WCVE.”

“We have a deal on some of our trips,” Judith explained. “Some trips it’s okay to walk into the hotel room and turn on CNN. Other trips, the ones where I really want to relax, we don’t turn on the television. But, even when we were on the yoga retreat in Costa Rica, listening to WCVE was allowed.” The two laughed.

Still as active as ever, Judith and Ike are still so clearly in love. “I think Judith is one of the most insightful people I know,” said Ike. “She is superb at reading situations. She has that spark. She introduced me to many things that have changed my life.”

“We both really thrive on knowledge. I think that’s important to both of us.” Judith added.

It is through this quest for knowledge, understanding, and insight that Ike and Judith turn to 88.9 WCVE FM. “This is my community, this truly is my home and I do believe that the better we are as a community the more we are inspired by the quality of programming,” said Judith.

As Brooklyn, New York natives who now call the Richmond area home, they both find a sense a community by being members and supporters of the station. “I do believe in supporting in a big way or in a little way depending on people’s means … I think that’s part of what you do as a good citizen. ”


Like Judith and Ike Koziol, help us keep programming that educates, entertains, and inspires on air. Grab your sweetheart and become a member today!

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