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Rocket Lab, a California-based company, has chosen the Virginia Space and the MidAtlantic Regional Spaceport as its first launch...
Can you imagine learning about or discussing scientific ideas without visuals? From peer-reviewed journals to educational videos...
Until some huge new change happens we’ll need to eat to live. Humanity’s quest for food has shaped where we live, how we work...

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Why Are Hurricanes Slowing Down?

Climate scientists around the world are getting very excited about this time of year, hurricane season! While these storms are very dangerous and cause lots of damage, studying them allows for us to better prepare for the future. Naturally, climate scientists have been learning a lot from these big storms from the past as well. In fact, new information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is making a lot of buzz right now, and it’s a slow burn too. For those of you looking forward to just getting these hurricanes over with, slow down.