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Virginia Governor Ralph Northam visited several schools across the state this week as part of a tour to promote Computer Science...
While some of us were out burning off those Thanksgiving calories on Black Friday, a team of more than 300 Federal and non-...

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Who’s A Leader In Virginia’s Solar Capabilities?

While it may be true that Virginia is currently ranked 17th in nation for the total amount of solar capacity it has installed and that less than 1% of the energy that we use as a Commonwealth comes from solar, you might never guess who or what is an emerging leader in the renewable energy transition in our lovely state? Who’s a leader in Virginia’s solar capabilities? Listen to this Question Your World radio report produced by the Science Museum of Virginia to find out.

Philanthropy of the Body: Corneas, Organs and Bodies – An Informal History of Medical Science

What motivates people to donate their bodies, and how has medical voluntarism changed over the last century? Susan Lederer, Professor of History of Medicine and Bioethics shared her scholarship on this fascinating topic in her talk “The Philanthropy of The Body.”