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Rocket Lab, a California-based company, has chosen the Virginia Space and the MidAtlantic Regional Spaceport as its first launch...
Can you imagine learning about or discussing scientific ideas without visuals? From peer-reviewed journals to educational videos...
Until some huge new change happens we’ll need to eat to live. Humanity’s quest for food has shaped where we live, how we work...

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Did Ancient Humans Have Any Modern Dental Issues?

Behind the lips of each and everyone of us is a beautiful smile, right? Our teeth have been so valuable to us as a species. We’ve often been told that our modern dental issues are caused by our diet or that it’s genetic and that it runs in the family. Well, boy, does it ever! Scientists studying ancient human fossils started to notice some interesting things about our teeth through the ages. This new study also draws many comparisons to the types of dental damage we see these days as well. The big question is, did ancient humans have any modern dental issues?