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Virginia Governor Ralph Northam visited several schools across the state this week as part of a tour to promote Computer Science...
While some of us were out burning off those Thanksgiving calories on Black Friday, a team of more than 300 Federal and non-...

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How Do Cities Handle Heat?

As our population grows, we will need more and more places for us to do our human things. This means as we grow we tend to convert natural spaces into developed areas. An urban environment is quite different from a natural landscape and thus has its own variables to be concerned with. The growth of urban spaces compounded with the changing climate is causing some scientists to take a look at how our urban areas interact with heat.

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Wed, 10/17/2018 - 2:14pm -- WCVE

Can you imagine learning about or discussing scientific ideas without visuals? From peer-reviewed journals to educational videos for kids, images are essential to our understanding and discussing concepts and facts.