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Calling all Women in STEAM! Apply to lead a workshop at Full STEAM Ahead and inspire Richmond’s young women. The deadline to...
Recently there was some big news in the science world, really big. Every now and then scientists work on something so big that it...
“Love and Marriage...go together like a horse and carriage,” Frank Sinatra reminded his fans in the 1955 hit song. But many...

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She shoots! She scores! Rat Basketball?

She has the hoop in sight, she runs, she shoots she scores! The basketball flies through the hoop and so does the small furry player, one of the stars of Rat Basketball at The Science Museum of Virginia. Amazing basketball skills are not something rats are born with, so how does Laura Kramer, the Chief Rat Wrangler, and her team of trainers use science to get these small basketball players to compete in the game?

Watch the video to learn about the science of rat basketball.