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How Technology Changed Sports

Rayvon Fouché, Purdue University Professor talked about some of the history of technological advances that have impacted the games we love to watch and play. Engineers, scientists, and corporations have teamed up for decades to manufacture victory for elite athletes.  Fouché spoke about some of his research on this subject from his book; Game Changer: The Technoscientific Revolution in Sports.

Viewing the Heavens From the Center of the Universe

While the late Richard Gillis was mayor of Ashland from 1977 to 1990, he called the town the "Center of the Universe." The phrase stuck and is still being used today. Town officials display the slogan on their business cards and there is even a brewery in Ashland called Center of the Universe.

“He came to Randolph-Macon as a student and never left,” said George Spagna, Ph.D., himself a former Ashland mayor and current member of the town council.

Teenage Astrophotographer Keeps His Eyes on the Stars

Most teenagers have taken hundreds or even thousands of selfies by the time they graduate from high school. But how many earn a national award for one?

Tyler Hutchison, a recent graduate of St. Christopher’s School in Richmond, won The Astronomical League’s 2018 Horkheimer/Parker Youth Imaging Award for a photo he calls “Searching.”


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