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Life By Design: A Century of Synthetic Biology

Newspapers today are full of accounts of the future marvels of “synthetic biology,” a new approach to engineering life. But, how new is it? Dr. Luis Campos takes us through the surprising history in an informal 20-minute talk followed by a Q & A given on May 8th at Science Pub RVA in Richmond, Virginia.

Dr. Luis Campos is historian of science at the University of New Mexico. His scholarship integrates archival discoveries with contemporary fieldwork at the intersection of genetics and society. Dr. Campos earned his doctorate at Harvard University, is the author of Radium and the Secret of Life (University of Chicago Press, 2015), and is co-editor of Making Mutations: Objects, Practices, Contexts (Berlin, MPIWG, 2010).

The May 8, 2017 program represents the first of a series of eight in a collaboration between Science Pub RVA and Virginia Commonwealth University’s Science, Technology and Society Program, a unit of the College of Humanities and Sciences, and is supported by a National Science Foundation grant (#1611953).

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