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How Technology Changed Sports

Rayvon Fouché, Purdue University Professor talked about some of the history of technological advances that have impacted the games we love to watch and play. Engineers, scientists, and corporations have teamed up for decades to manufacture victory for elite athletes.  Fouché spoke about some of his research on this subject from his book; Game Changer: The Technoscientific Revolution in Sports.

Hidden History of Medicine, Slavery, and Resistance

Carolyn Roberts, Yale University historian of medicine, talks about some of the hidden histories of African American medical practitioners during slavery. Dr. Roberts explores how the enslaved used botanical knowledge, herbal therapies, and spirituality as ways to resist brutality, cure disease, and heal their communities.  She vividly traces how the slave trade contributed to the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the modernization of medicine, and the advancement of natural history.


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