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Improving Memory Is Goal for U of R Student

“Love and Marriage...go together like a horse and carriage,” Frank Sinatra reminded his fans in the 1955 hit song.

But many things don’t seem to be connected in any way, yet we sometimes need to find a link. One example is having to think quickly of a connection between a person and his or her name so it can be recalled later. It’s called associative memory, the ability to learn and recall connections between unrelated items.

Hollar's Encyclopedic Eye Exhibition at the VMFA Explores the Intersection of Art and Science

If you are looking to explore both art and science this weekend, you should definitely check out the new exhibition at the VMFA.  "Hollar's Encyclopedic Eye: Prints from the Frank Raysor Collection" features over 200 etchings inspired by mid 17th century European landscapes, insects, historic events and people and were created by one of the most prolific printmakers of the Baroque period, 


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