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Wason Poll: Virginians Are Optimistic

A Wason Poll just released this morning says Virginians approve of sports betting, ERA ratification and an independent commission for redistricting. They also approve of Governor Northam and are optimistic about Virginia’s future.

Today’s Wason Poll says 64% of voters polled approve the direction the state is taking, highest numbers since the poll began in 2007. And, they approve of Governor Northam. “Northam is actually at 59% favorability,” said The Center’s Rachel Bitecofer. “And that is very notable, because it means he is pulling over some Republicans.” About 30% in fact.

On issues facing the General Assembly, 58% want an independent commission to decide redistricting, 75% say the favor a tax cut dealing with a $600 million dollar tax revenue windfall, 63% favor sports betting and casinos and 81% want to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

Voters polled liked the Amazon headquarters deal 2-1, but only 35% like either the President or the direction the country is taking.