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Was Pre-Rally Banter Tantamount to Conspiracy?

The conspiracy lawsuit over the violence in Charlottesville last summer had a hearing Thursday (5/24/18) over whether it should continue.

Members of the alt-right were caught talking on an invitation-only social network. Plaintiffs’s attorney Roberta Kaplan said, “They were talking about weaponry, violence, running over protesters, what are the best brands of mace. This was not some loving, peaceful flower-in.”

While she alleges a conspiracy to commit violence, defense lawyer James Kolenich claims that pre-rally chatter on the Discord social network was a joke, saying, “They didn’t conspire to run anybody over. Now, they babbled about it a lot. That’s reckless at worst. But that’s not enough to sustain this particular legal claim.”

The judge is expected to decide within a month whether the lawsuit can continue.