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'Waltons' Reunion to Celebrate Hamner in His Hometown

Forty-five years after they debuted on CBS, original members of the cast of The Waltons will converge this weekend at the Nelson County hamlet that the show's creator called home.

The late Earl Hamner based "The Waltons" on his own family in the town of Schuyler during the Great Depression; and his voice bookended each episode: "It was a poor time; but in it, we were richer than we knew."

Reunion organizer Ray Castro said, "In those days, families worked out their problems together.

They laughed together; they shared their stories together every night. Castro credits such themes for keeping the show vital long past the 1970s.

"People are kinda hungry for that again."

The reunion takes place in Schuyler and kicks off Friday, exactly one year after Hamner died at the age of 92.