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Virginia Tech’s Helmet Lab Helps Makes Super Bowl Safer

With the Super Bowl looming, the NFL says concussions were down 29 percent in the 2018 season. Virginia Tech has played a major role.

“Oh, that looks bad.”

Sunday, when helmets take hits, Lab Director Steve Rowson knows what kind and how safe.

“I’m always paying attention to which helmets they are wearing.”

Chances are they were in his lab, getting crushed on an anvil.

“When we test helmets in the lab, we simulate impacts that football players see in the real world.”

The testing became The STAR helmet rating system one to five, that revolutionized the industry.

“So now, every helmet that comes on the market is pretty much a five-star helmet, because they can’t sell it otherwise.”

That is all you will see, Sunday. Concussions are down 29 percent last year, due to rule changes, player behavior. And helmets.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to see the impact of the research.”

Meanwhile, Techs helmet lab has moved on to soccer, hockey, youth football, baseball, softball, bicycles, and drones.