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Virginia Lawmakers Consider ‘No Excuse’ Absentee Voting

In Virginia and 19 other states, you need a valid excuse if you want to vote absentee. Today (9/18) lawmakers considered whether they should loosen up those rules. 

There are all kinds of reasons you can vote early: pregnancy, military service, or even a long workday.

“We like to say if you’re not finding a reason, you’re not trying hard enough,” said David Bjerke, Director of Elections in Falls Church. “And now you have people who won’t vote, because they’re not sure, and don’t want lie. And you have people who are going to lie. And I don’t want to do that to my voters.”

Bjerke and other registrars said that any changes should come with more money and a well-thought out plan. Both parties agreed there was a problem, with Democrats pushing for immediate action and Republicans urging more study.

The General Assembly will consider at least four bills related to so-called “no-excuse” absentee voting in next year’s session.