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Virginia Launches Electric Vehicle Charging Network

The Volkswagen emissions scandal ended with a multi-billion dollar settlement with the U.S. government. Governor Ralph Northam announced today (8/9) that Virginia will use $14 million of that money to help build an electric vehicle charging network.

Virginia already has around 450 charging stations. But only 72 of those are high speed outlets, according to data from the non-profit Virginia Clean Cities. The new plan will add at least 175 more.

“Where it works very very well for citizens, for personal driving, is in grocery stores,” said Kathy Zoi, CEO of EVGo, the company which will build out the infrastructure.

“It takes you one minute to plug in, and 29 minutes to charge.”

Busy traffic corridors like I-95 and I-66 will get the most stations, but rural areas will get some too. Drivers can pay each time they charge or get a membership plan.

Either way, Zoi says that it’ll cost a whole lot less than a tank of gas.