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Virginia House Democrats Convene Gun Safety Group

Virginia’s GOP-controlled House of Delegates doesn’t plan to include gun control in its bipartisan school safety committee discussion, but a new House Democratic group called the Safe Virginia Initiative does plan to take up the issue.

The work group plans to convene monthly meetings across the state over the next several months about everything from urban gun violence, to suicide, to guns in schools.

Democratic Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn is co-chair of the group, and points to a bill she’s introduced to help incentivize secure gun storage. “And I think it’s just a perfect example of where we’re looking for areas where there can be agreement, not the areas where there can’t. There’re going to be plenty of areas where we can’t.”

Like House Speaker Kirk Cox’s school safety committee – this committee also plans to put together a report in the fall with recommendations for next year’s General Assembly session.

Members of the public are invited to share their stories of gun violence during the group's first meeting in the city of Richmond tomorrow (5/5) from 10:00 a.m. to noon at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School. Richmond School Board Member Felicia Cosby and City Councilman Chris Hilbert will be among the panelists.