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Virginia Farmland: Too Wet To Plow

The US Department of Agriculture says 82 percent of Virginia’s topsoil has surplus moisture. Or to put it another way, it is too wet to plow.

“Farm equipment is big and it’s heavy and when the fields are wet, the farmers just can’t get into them, " said Elaine Lidholme, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. “We have had too much rain for more than a year now and that is not a good thing, especially when it’s planting season for the farmers.”

She says it is time to plant potatoes and soon, corn and soybeans.

“Both of which are usually planted in April.”

Winter Wheat is already plagued with pests and fungi from the moisture.

“What we need are two weeks, statewide of very dry weather.” Ten day forecast shows mostly sunny, except for tomorrow.

Agriculture is Virginia’s largest private industry with a 70 billion dollar yearly impact