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The Virginia Economy: Workforce, Exports, and Impacts

There was a conference for House and Senate committees last week at the Capitol sponsored by the Wilder School at VCU and Virginia FREE, a coalition of business leaders. Dr. John Accordino, Dean of the Wilder School, explained what they talked about. “The state of the Virginia economy, some key aspects of the Virginia economy and what’s being done about it and what do we need to do about it,” said Accordino.

Technological change, the export market, and workforce development emerged as key themes.

The upside is jobs are being created. “We need to do more. We’re leaving money on the table because we haven’t educated enough people in high-tech. We need to do more than that,” Accordino added.

Dr. Accordino said, rural areas are facing economic stagnation. “Our challenge as a state is going to be to upscale people so that we’re able to handle the modern economy, to find other activities for people who would be displaced by automation.”