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Virginia Attorney General Takes on Trump

On Monday (8/27), Attorney General Mark Herring and colleagues from other states won a preliminary injunction against President Trump’s plan to make 3D gun blueprints available online. It’s just the latest time he’s banded with other Democrats to take on Trump.

Herring’s taken on the administration in around 40 legal cases on issues ranging from family separations to the Affordable Care Act.

“The Trump administration has shown an incredible capacity to pursue really bad policies, and often times do it in illegal ways.”

Republicans accuse Herring of politicising the office. But they also used the position to take on Presidents Clinton and Obama.

Stephen Farnsworth is a politics professor at Mary Washington University.

“Many attorney generals think of running for governor, and many actually do run for governor. The way to keep the party base happy and excited is to sue the president of the other party.”

Herring says that for now, he’s focused on his current gig.