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VCU’s Announces 8th Annual Southern Film Festival

VCU’s 8th Annual Southern Film Festival will offer five movies over three days beginning September 6th.

Dr. Emilie Raymond, an associate professor of history, is the film festival organizer. This year’s theme is Screening Southern Justice.

"All of the films that we have chosen have something to do with court cases or law enforcement ..something to do with law and order. And, at the same time, trying to show the perspective of a lot of the people that are represented by these lawyers and these police officers and how these people are perceiving what’s going on."

Included are two documentaries, Gender Revolution, and Do Not Resist.

My Cousin Vinny celebrates the 25th anniversary of the comedy’s release. Also showing are Loving and An Outrage.

The films are screened at no charge at a variety of venues.