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VCU Study Finds Employees Leave Because of Managers

A new study, done by the Department of Management at VCU School of Business, confirms that when employees leave a job, their manager, not the company are usually the reason for quitting.

Dr. Christopher Reina led the study called Quitting the Boss. Leadership, he said, is all about influence so they considered two different ways mangers influence the people who report to them.

Reina said, "One is what we call using a “soft power,” helping the employee understand how what they’re doing fits into the large whole of the organization."

The other, he said, is the managers who use pressure tactics, threats and warnings. They and have a tendency to micromanage and to step on people to propel themselves upward.

"And, after a while, the people pushing you up will get tired if you’re stepping on them versus the folks are really committed to you and the organization. They’ll move mountains for you and continue pushing you up to higher levels of success," Reina concluded.