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VCU Study Concluded On Whether Children Eat Their Veggies

Do elementary school children toss out their fruits and veggies in the school cafeteria?  A key VCU study in Chesterfield County Schools has turned up some surprising, and encouraging results. 

In 2010 there was a federal mandate to provide more fruits and vegetables in school lunch rooms and the reaction was not altogether good.

Dr. Suzanne Mazzeo was not satisfied with the media reports and anecdotes and, with a 100 thousand dollar grant from the National Institutes of Health, planned to station researchers at the trash cans in two Chesterfield County elementary schools, to see if it were true.

Last Fall, she and her colleagues went through the leftovers of about a thousand students two days of every week. The results were encouraging.

Her findings are set to be published next month.

Dr. Mazzeo and her team are already planning their next project to study the impact of free lunch programs in city schools and how that could affect healthy eating.