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VCU Researchers Uncover Genetic Clues to Depression

At the VCU’s Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics, the researchers whose collaboration led to the ground breaking discovery of genetic markers for major depression in 2015, have now found more genetic clues.

At first, the researchers isolated changes in DNA that increased risk for major depression. Dr. Roseann Peterson, one of the lead authors, said, “When we did our first genome wide association study we found two hits on Chromosome 10. This new paper now is expanding this work to incorporate the environment.”

The most recent findings found additional genetic markers relevant to the disease in a subset of people. Peterson said, “By running our genome wide association study on those who have not had extreme adversity we were able to detect three more genetic variants for major depression.”

Peterson said ultimately the goal is to identify high risk individuals for early intervention and personalized medicine.