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VCU Poll: Public Split on Right To Arm Teachers

A VCU Poll released today shows Virginians are evenly split on the idea of armed teachers.

VCU’s Public Safety Poll wanted to know if Virginians would favor legislation to allow localities to train teachers and administrators to be armed in schools.

“We’re pretty much split down the middle," said Robyn McDougle, Director of the Center for Public Policy. “Forty-seven percent of our 805 adults agreed that teachers and school personnel should be allowed to be armed. While 49% disagreed.”

Most Republicans polled favored it, most Democrats did not. But as to guns at public assemblies, 62% said no.

“Public safety was more important than 2nd Amendment rights regarding access to legally acquired firearms in public assemblies or public events.” 

The Wilder School’s Center for Public Policy is releasing poll numbers as the General Assembly begins its work