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VCU Offers History Certificate in Public History

Virginia Commonwealth University has just launched a public history certificate program that promises to shed new light on old arguments over monuments and issues still unsettled.

The program gets students out of the classroom and into living history and as Ryan Smith, Director of Graduate Studies, says, there is no better place than Richmond. “It just so happens we’ve got a class running right now that is studying memorialization and monuments and memory making and so they are in the thick of it, absolutely.”

The graduate student program offers internships studying history where it happened, and he says they will have something to give back.

“Well, historians these days tend to focus a lot more on questions, asking the right kind of questions and looking for the evidence,” said Smith.

Ryan Smith is Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of History, which is now offering graduate students a certificate program, that gets them out of the classroom, and into the places where history has been made. Much of it, right here.