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VCU Leading Clinical Trial of Opioid Disorder Treatment

VCU researchers, in conjunction with Inova Fairfax Hospital and the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, are leading a clinical trial testing a new treatment protocol to help prevent repeat opioid overdoses.

Dr. Gerard Moeller is director of the VCU Institute for Drug and Alcohol studies. He said data shows that in 2015 VCU treated nearly 400 opioid overdose patients. “Of those patients, who survived, over one in 10 came back with a repeat overdose or had died within six months.”

Presently, overdose patients are given outpatient referrals that only work if they show up, and many don’t.

“By starting treatment in the emergency room, and then, with a direct referral the same day over to outpatient treatment where they would start the once a month injectable formulation Sublocade we believe that we’ll be able to have a much greater impact,” said Dr. Moeller.