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Valentine Exhibit Re-imagines Monument Avenue

Submissions from a national competition to re-design Monument Avenue are on display at the Valentine Museum. 

The exhibit titled "Monument Avenue: General Demotion/General Devotion" features large-scale renderings of proposals submitted to the competition VCU’s mObstudiO and Storefront for Community Design are hosting.

Camden Whitehead, faculty member at mObstudiO and project director for the competition, says their goal is to add concrete ideas to the conversation about Richmond’s Confederate monuments.

“The reason we held the competition was to get ideas in front of people so that they could maybe move away from their positions, and actually start talking about a physical proposal,” says Whitehead.

Visitors can see all 70 proposed designs in the exhibit. There's also a ballot box where people can vote for the one they like best. A "People's Choice Award" will go to the submission with the most public votes.

In November, a five-person panel -- representing the planning, architecture, landscape architecture, historical and social justice communities -- will select the remaining finalists and winners. Whitehead says the competition is just the first step to re-imagining Monument Avenue.

“This competition is not necessarily to solve the issues on Monument Avenue, but to keep them in the discussion.”