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University of Richmond Opens “Protest, A Richmond History” Exhibition

During a week of remembering Dr. Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement, the University of Richmond will launch an exhibition at its downtown campus entitled “Protest, A Richmond History.” Four hundred years, 26 exhibits. Among them, a 1960 photo of an African American woman in hat and gloves, with her purse, being dragged off Broad Street by two policeman with a German Shepherd. Associate Professor Nicole Sackley,“Policemen threatened her with arrest if she did not move on and she said it was her right to stand there.” Senior Miranda Rosenblum, “What this exhibition identifies is that Richmond is a city that has been shaped by protest.” From Patrick Henry, through the Civil War, Civil Rights, Vietnam, Gay Rights and Monument Avenue. “We’re talking about long-term change and how again and again and again, people have fought for their rights.” The Exhibit is at the University of Richmond’s downtown campus, from Friday, April 6 through September 1.