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Two Charlottesville Lawsuits Approved For Trial

The two largest lawsuits filed in the wake of the deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville last summer have been green-lighted for trial. One trial pits Charlottesville against the militias that assembled there and the other is directly aimed at rally leaders . The federal case against an array of white nationalist figures including Richard Spencer probably goes to trial next year. The local lawsuit brought by the city of Charlottesville seeks to ban private militias. That suit could go to trial as early as this month. Charlottesville-based legal analyst Lloyd Snook says both cases invoke laws a hundred years old or older and yet also rely on the content of social media posts. "Threats and texts and emails--and it's an impressive array of evidence." He says that until the carnage of August 12 free speech reigned supreme. "This is not just an academic First Amendment problem; it's a problem of violence in the streets." The militia trial is slated to begin July 30th.