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Texas Congressman Supports Brat Immigration Bill

Congressman Lamar Smith, of Texas, is supporting Virginia 7th District Cong. Dave Brat’s house bill offering solutions to what Smith called, “the crisis on our southern border.”

Brat’s bill, a companion to Sen. Ted Cruz’s Protect Kids and Parents Act, doubles the number of immigration judges.

"So that we can process these folks and keep the parents and the kids together. And then, it authorizes new temporary shelters, with accommodations, and it mandates that illegal immigrant families must be kept together."

Most importantly, Brat said, the bill provides for expedited process and review of asylum cases within 14 days.

"And that gets to the guts of it because our immigration system right now is out of control and no one’s solved it."

The Congressman added that in spite of addressing the problems they talk about to the media, his Democratic colleagues "won’t even work together with us on this kind of a bill. We’re working very hard to get people to sign on, we’re hoping this meets with success across the aisle."