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Supporters Seek Name Change At Byrd Middle School

Anne Marie Leake doesn't believe her son's school should be named after Harry Flood Byrd.

Byrd was politician who strongly opposed public school integration. He led the "massive resistance" effort to keep non-whites out.

"What we're asking the school board to do," says Leake "is to publicly announce the start of a public input period that is required for a name change to happen."

Leake says critics often raise the argument that one name change could have a snowball effect, but she believes the matter of Harry Flood Byrd Middle School is a unique one.

"Because of his extremely detrimental effect on public education, this is a situation where a name really does need to be changed because it's tied to a public school."

Leake says she and Jordan Chapman, a Harry Flood Byrd Middle School student, have been working to build support among their respective peer groups. They're scheduled to face the Henrico County school board Thursday evening. The meeting will take place at the New Bridge School auditorium along Nine Mile Road.