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State Water Control Board Begins Gas Pipeline Hearings

The State Water Control Board on Thursday (12/7) will begin hearings to consider water quality certifications for the controversial Mountain Valley gas pipeline and next week for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe has supported both projects.

Aaron Ruby, with Dominion Energy, said for three years nearly a dozen agencies have made in depth, scientific studies of the Atlantic Coast pipeline. “And each of the agencies is providing an extra layer of oversite all of which adds up to the most comprehensive analysis that has ever been done for an infrastructure project of this kind.”

Gov. elect Ralph Northam seems to be staying away from the issue.

University of Mary Washington political scientist Stephen Fanrnsworth said, “Elected on the basis of a very enthusiastic Democratic turnout, it makes sense for him to dance with the ones who brung him, to make sure those environmentalists get a bit more attention of their concerns than has been the case so far.”