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Speaker Forms Select Committee on School Safety

Republican Speaker of the House Kirk Cox has created a Select Committee on School Safety who will review state and local policy on the issue and make recommendations for the 2019 session.

Speaker Cox says the group will examine potential new security measures and resources for kids in crisis. However the committee will not consider any policies related to gun control, gun rights expansions or arming teachers. “I’m after results. You know we can grandstand on where people are on guns etc. We’re just not going to move the ball that way. So our feeling was, lets do what’s doable. Lets do it quickly. Let’s have some more results. Let’s not play politics with it.”

House Minority Leader David Toscano says Democrats will participate in the committee but that guns should be part of the discussion. “There are too many guns. They’re held by a lot of people who really shouldn’t have them and we have to have some reasonable measures to make sure that people are safe.”

This session Democratic bills to enact universal background checks, ban bump stocks and prohibit the sale of assault weapons to people under the age of 21 all failed.

Democrats say they will hold town halls across the state to discuss those issues over the coming year.