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Senate Majority Leader Shifts Tone on Medicaid Expansion

After two Senate Republicans indicated they're willing to support certain Medicaid expansion proposals, the leader of the Virginia Senate Republican Caucus is also indicating a shifted stance. Saraya Wintersmith reports Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment is now willing to talk about ways to make a more fiscally responsible proposal.
For the last several years, Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment has been one of Virginia's most outspoken anti-Medicaid expansion lawmakers. On Wednesday (4/11), he began talking about it as if it could happen. 
"If, in fact, there is going to be a fiscally responsible and conservative Medicaid expansion plan, it has got to be developed on a more collaborative basis," he told a gaggle of reporters outside the Senate chamber. 
After the legislature gaveled out of its first day of special session, the James City County Republican said there needs to be a fresh round of conversations wherein Senate Republicans can help craft a palatable plan.
"One person can't develop that plan, come in and drop it down in front of 21 Republican senators and say 'here it is,' that is not going to work," said Norment. "
Some of the "fiscally responsible" proposals Norment mentioned include: 
- Limited enrollment based on state revenues 
- Earmarking funds to pay the state's share in the event the federal government changes the 90 percent support level.
- Capitation - a payment arrangement that gives healthcare providers a fixed pool of money to care for a designated population per person (here's a resource to help understand that concept).
- Spending the federal money accessed through Medicaid expansion on state healthcare needs.