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Senate Budget Cuts 2019 CSB Primary Care Screenings Funds

There are many differences between Virginia’s current House and Senate budgets. While a lot of that has to do with differences in opinion about Medicaid expansion, there are other differences when it comes to healthcare spending.

Last year, Virginia’s General Assembly spent close to $5 million on services for same-day access to healthcare at 18 community mental health centers across the state, including in the greater Richmond area.

The original plan was to extend that same funding to the remaining 22 health centers this year and provide an extra $4 million to pay for primary care screenings at them all.

Ashley Everette with Voices for Virginia’s Children says those screenings are vital for many people, “If their only interaction with any sort of health provider is going to be at the community services board that may be many individuals we want them to at least have a linkage to a primary care provider and have some basic health needs accessed.”

But, the Senate budget delays funding for the primary care screenings.

That’s just one of many issues members of the General Assembly will have to hash out when they come back for a special session next week.