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RVA Tech Jam Holds 36-Hour Hack-A-Thon

On the bottom level of the newly refurbished Main Street Train Station in Richmond, computer coders, business leaders and tech professionals are in the middle of a 36-hour Hack-a-thon. 18 different businesses have teamed up to serve eight different non-profits in RVA.

Robbie Dumeria, executive director with the Richmond Tech Council, says the focus isn’t about how to break into computers. “This is good hacking, this is civic hacking.”

Teams of 4-5 people, work together to solve eight priorities that the council, in conjunction with the City of Richmond and the Capital Region Collaborative, came up with. Those include education, job creation, coordinated transportation and a healthy community.

“They have gathered all of the problems that the non-profits has and rather than the non-profits saying ‘we think we need this,’ the teams are brainstorming technology solutions that could solve those problems. Once they complete that, they will switch over to actually hacking and implementing that solution.”

When the RVA Tech Jam ends tomorrow (7/29) businesses hope to send the non-profits back with working software to implement in their operations.