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Richmond School Board Holds School Climate Meeting

The number of Richmond-area high school students dropping out of school is on the rise. The Richmond School Board heard from school and district leaders about what they’re doing to keep school discipline issues at bay during a school climate meeting Monday night.

Albert Hill Middle School Principal Cherita Sears blamed cell phones for at least 75% of in-school infractions, but said the majority of behavior-related problems first start at home.

The district moved all student services – including behavioral support, violence prevention and more - to the third floor of Richmond’s Alternative School earlier this year.

Director of Student Services Angela Jones says that was intentional.

“If we can start making those connections for our families so that we’re serving them more comprehensively with compassion as opposed to making them run to 55 different places and re-tell their story, which for many of our families is difficult and it sometimes makes them feel like they’re showing their failures.”

The district hopes that connection will help improve student outcomes, and help keep more students in school longer.