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Richmond Ramps Up Homeless Outreach Ahead of Hurricane

Area housing groups are working to get homeless individuals who’ve been sleeping outdoors inside ahead of Hurricane Florence.

“Hello, is anyone home?”

That’s homeless outreach coordinator Taylor Garrett, calling down to where she knows a man’s been sleeping underneath Richmond’s Chamberlayne Avenue bridge. She says outreach like this is routine, but it’s intensified this week.

They’re handing out food, and water – and are offering bus passes to area shelters.

“If they can at least get to higher ground if they’re down by the river…things like that, just informing the community so that they know…if they want to pack up their tent, their documents that type of thing so they don’t get washed away with the expected flooding.”

She says she’s even met a few new people sleeping outside this week. The outreach is expected to continue through Friday – with around 15-30 additional beds at Caritas opening up at noon Thursday.

Starting at 4 p.m. tomorrow (9/13), Richmond’s Blackwell and Linwood Holton Elementary schools will also serve as shelters open Richmond area residents. GRTC is offering free bus rides to the shelters on routes 14, 87 and 91.

If you see someone sleeping outside, you can use this form to connect them with outreach workers.