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Richmond Public School Students Will Get Glasses

The Richmond Public School system is partnering with a non-profit, Vision to Learn and Conexus Vision in Richmond to launch a program that will impact kids in city schools who need glasses and don’t have any.

Austin Beutner said he started Vision to Learn in Los Angeles five years ago when he learned tha nationally, one in five kids can’t see the blackboard form the back of the classroom, "Our goals is to make sure that every child in Richmond Public Schools gets screened and those who don’t pass the screen get an eye exam and those who need glasses get glasses. All free of charge."

Gov. Terry McAuliffe said, “if you can’t see the blackboard you can’t learn the skills to bring companies to the commonwealth.” He was at Elizabeth Redd to help pass out glasses.

Mayor Levar Stoney was there too and he said: “If you can’t see, you can’t read."

Beutner agreed, " It’s just magic when they see the world differently and it’s further magic, along the way, when they do better in school with an enormous sense of self confidence."