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Richmond Middle School Teacher Awarded $25,000

One Richmond middle school teacher received a big surprise today: a check for $25,000.

Lucille Brown middle schoolers, like 13-year-old Rahamane Kossi, escorted guests into the gymnasium Wednesday morning for a surprise assembly honoring Kossi’s history teacher Ryan James.

Kossi says James works one-on-one with students like himself to make sure they understand the consequences of their actions – and class material.

“Most people would think economics or history is boring, but the way he teachers it he makes you want to learn it,” Kossi said.

James became the 44th Virginia educator to receive a Milken Educator Award – which recognizes excellent educators across the country every year.

The Milken Foundation said James stood out because of his work using music to better engage students in the classroom, as well as his work outside of the classroom - taking students out of Richmond on visits to college campuses.