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Richmond Groups Raise Funds for Puerto Rico Relief

Since the devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico, initiatives across Virginia are raising funds to help those affected. WCVE’s Catherine Komp has more on an effort in Richmond.


Richmond photographer and artist Steven Cassanova has only heard from about half of his family in Puerto Rico.

Steven Cassanova: I can get a call maybe once or twice a week, since they have to drive to a place where they can get service. They don’t have electricity, they don’t have water, they’re running out of food. It’s chaotic and people are just trying to survive.

When Hurricane Maria made landfall September 20th, Cassanova’s grandfather fell and suffered a laceration on his face.

Steven Cassanova: We haven’t been able to get an update on how he’s being treated and when I ask friends what they need, all they say is water.

Cassanova organized a benefit show and potluck at VCU’s Anderson gallery Friday evening. They’re also doing an online fundraiser and collecting supplies for La Bridgada:

Steven Cassanova: Donations are going directly to small farmers I’ve been working with in Puerto Rico, so we’re looking not only for financial funds, but also work boots, gloves, things that can go to farmers that can help them get back on their feet.

Cassanova says other items in need include bug spray, mosquito  nets, headlamps, batteries and hygiene products. Donations are also being accepted this weekend at Perk Bon Air to help the initiative Cville4PR fill a 20ft shipping container. Catherine Komp, WCVE News.