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Richmond Entreprenuer’s Hot Southern Honey is a Hit

A local man, who likes food with a little heat, began making what he calls hot southern honey as a gift for his friends. Now it’s in stores and restaurants, on the verge of going nationwide.

Ames Russell adds fresh red chilies to honey. He calls it AR’s Hot Southern Honey.

"It’s good all natural Virginia Honey and just with that little bit of heat to it, it just creates a fun little sweet heat combination."

In December 2015 he gave away about a hundred bottles to family and friends as a gift. In February he started hearing from them.

"People started calling me up and saying, Ames, wow, we love this hot honey, it’s so great we put it on everything, where can we get some more?"

The calls didn’t let up, so he decided to take the plunge and begin selling AR’s Hot Southern Honey.

"I’m currently in about 60 retail locations, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Pennsylvania, interestingly enough."