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Richmond County Votes to Ban Fracking

In Richmond County, 50 miles southeast of Fredericksburg, supervisors have voted to ban any kind of oil or gas drilling. The Rappahannock River borders the county.

Supervisor Chair F. Lee Sanders said the issue of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has been under discussion for quite a while. “This has been going on, been back and forth, for several years as to how to handle fracking in the county. The driving force water quality and protecting our drinking water.”

The Rappahannock has been ranked number five on the list of America’s Endangered Rivers, threatened by fracking and is the only one in the Commonwealth on that list.

“We had a whole lot of information, our planning commission is the one that took the lead on this,” said Sanders.

King George County voted in August of last year to restrict oil and gas drilling within 750 feet of any waterways or road, homes or public buildings, about 90% of that county.