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Record Low of Virginia Children Without Health Insurance

According to a new report – only 5% of children in the Commonwealth are without health insurance, compared to 4% nationally.

Beth Nolan is Kids Count Director with Voices for Virginia’s Children.

“We are at a record high for the number of children who are insured – at 95% - and that’s really a testament to how when you invest in programs for children you’re going to see positive outcomes for children.”

She points to Medicaid and CHIP as programs that’ve seen increased investments. But Nolan says the state needs to start preparing now for the 2020 census.

“If we’re not actually thinking about the 2020 census and ensuring there’s an accurate count especially of young children, then we’re going to jeopardize the gains that we’ve made.”

Nolan says it’s especially important to focus on what are considered hard-to-count communities, based on previous census data.